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Drug dosing in hepatic impairment

The liver plays an integral role in drug metabolism. Liver cirrhosis can therefore have a major impact on the safety and efficacy of frequently used drugs. Even though liver cirrhosis is a growing issue, very little information is readily available for clinicians to support decision making in caring for these patients.

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This website aims to present data sheets summarising the available evidence regarding drug use in hepatic impairment. The recommendations issued on this website are based on a review of the literature and experts opinions. The objective is to offer clinicians an easy-to-use tool to support decision making when prescribing medication to cirrhotic patients.

Drug datasheet structure

For each drug class, a data-sheet will be produced.
The first section will contain a summary of our recommendations for each drug divided by the degree of liver impairment, which will be presented as a table.
The second section will review the pharmacodynamic considerations between the drug class and liver cirrhosis in general.
The third section will present the pharmacokinetics of each drug, in the form of tables, comparing available data in healthy subjects and in cirrhotic patients, when available. Each table will be followed by a descriptive analysis of the available literature and an interpretation of the data.
References will be made available at the end of each drug datasheet.

You can find information regarding the Child-Pugh score here.


This website serves as a tool to guide clinicians in their decision making. It does not, however, supersede the judgement of the healthcare professional using it.

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